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Tutorial on plugins



I finally broke down and grabbed Pinegrow Pro! I also grabbed a couple of the free pinegrow plugins: Eden Blocks and startup blocks. Are there any tutorials on how to use these plug-ins? How to add them to the program and how to access them from inside the program?

Thanks in advance,

NEVER MIND!! I figured it out!!


Well done Mate!
Welcome aboard.

@benhanna, the eden and startup ( I think) dev is super pleasant and helpful if you have any issues. Good that you have figured out how to do it.
Now welcome to PineLand! have fun Hoovering your way through our Docs and Tutorials :slight_smile:
There’s quite a few youtube vids out there too, and I don’t know if you know but there is a slack channel too.

and in there, there are quire a few different channels. ie , #beginners, #wordpress etc etc.

ok, have fun


@T3Gunner Glad you figured it out.I hope to find time to make all the plugins load like the startup one as its much easier


Hey T3Gunner ,@benhanna need a copy of startup demo blocks


hey, @kaleu have a look around @benhanna’s website :slight_smile:

he has some good stuff there to get you started.

ps, Nice new makeover @benhanna :slight_smile:


Thanks Ian and thanks @kaleu for the help.

The make over was due but was actually out of neccesity as the site was smashed by a freelancer making a small change on site, all backups deleted too. Had to rebuild, and was able to revive most plugins, start up blocks demo is missing at moment

So I’m looking for a copy of my own plugin!


@benhanna oh crap! …ah you sure this Free Lancer…wasn’t…called… BEN… something?

hee hee. and I just found my demo copy, I just zipped it up for you :slight_smile:
95.7MB if that is correct, would you like it ben? and is there anything else missing I might have that I can send you?

OK! thats done :slight_smile: Sent you a message/link to your missing files @benhanna. CHeers for letting us have them in the first place.


haha no certainly not

On top of that my hosts where taken over by some new host and the performance is terrible and I was locked out for almost a week waiting on a reply from them. Time to move to dedicated hosting i think.

Anyway cheers for that appreciate it, will let you know if need anything else sent


Which hosts did you leave and who took over them? and how did they fudge it?


ehosts to justhosts, was probably always the same company, maybe a marketing thing, i got 3 years of shared hosting at ehosts a few years back for $100 on black friday deal and it was fine, never had an issue and good support. Gonna set up something at digitalocean myself I think instead and cut out all the crap.


ah ok. yeah, Ive not heard much of ehosts/justhosts. I’m Uk based, I forgot where you are now. Uk? States?
I have an ecowebhosting reseller account over here I share with my mate (well, ok, its HIS account and he has let me rampage all over it for a couple of years, and I’ve snapped nothing off, so he’s still happy)

I have just bought a lifetime hosting and dragify web builder for $49.
I shall see what that is like . that’s for 4 domains… but… it says unlimted, so maybe subdomains. I have ummed and ahhed with it for a while on an offer, then decided to bite the bullet. it comes with the dragify app, which, again is a blocks website builder (right up your street) and I’m wondering… if…
It might not be a fun idea … to try and get the Dragify blocks and pinegrow them so that I could work on the server, dragging blocks, and creating OR …>

have my own, Pinegrow blocks of the same! that I could create locally… then push up onto my server and STILL be able to modify them with the dragify app… as they would be the same.

Dragify, apparently, also only creates pure html, css.

I might try
I might be waffling endelessly. we shall see


I have no idea when I wrote this, so Im just carrying on with it