New Plugin Template Freebie from @Benhanna

Hi Everyone, It looks like @benhanna has just released a freebie plugin Template Demo over on his PineGrow Plugin site.

its for the construction industry, but hey! whatever.
130 Blocks for the full package,
20 for this demo :slight_smile:

happy days

Cheers Ian

I added a basic video here with a look at the plugin

ok! downloaded and will play tomorrow, THANKS!!
and just a quick heads up, your read me text in the download is for Chocka Blocks, not Pro Construction blocks.
no Biggie :slight_smile:

ok, bed fo me, nighty night

Unless I’m completely daft, I’m not seeing how these are added to PG. Followed instructions on download page but really a bit stumped.

@mandarin Hopefully this helps


Just ribbing you! strange choice of similar vid for Youtube to pic.
oh and its Pinegrow, not Piengrow… as you know…probably , by now :slight_smile:and thanks, was hoping to take em for a spin day before yday, but bits of my life collapsed, so trying again.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Not really seeing this at all. Stuff in the video is not how it’s described in web page.

Unless there is an easier way to add these really seems a lot of frustration without achieving anything. If Pinegrow was designed to be updated this way it needs a bit of a rethink imho.

I’ll pass for noe on trying these add ons.

HI, @mandarin, its not that bad, once you have done it once or twice its ok. this IS currently how you add and PINEGROW specific library.

Its also how you add your OWN user defined stuff…

its how you add Animator Pro plugin, ANY blocks things, any other frameworks.

the process is the same for all things.

  1. You just select add plugin in Pinegrow,
  2. select the folder with the stuff in it and select the NICESHINYPLUGIN.js file
    its the .js file you need to select.
    the other stuff it needs, will be in its folder with it.
  3. it warns you to only add PG stuff… other stuff will break it.
  4. click to add it.
    (I initally got confused with the click add or the folder icon ok once I worked it out)
    and then you
  5. see the list of all the other plugins (Bootstrap 3, 4, etc etc) and select the one you have added and
  6. click ACTIVATE.

job done.

if you want to Add ANYTHING to Pinegrow, then currently, this is how you do it.


What step exactly are you struggling on? basically all you need to do is click manage library and plugins from pinegrow and add the JS file from the folder you just downloaded.

After that pinegrow will prompt you. There are additional requirements of having Bootstrap 4 and Font awesome libraries activated bundled with Pinegrow so the blocks don’t look broke.

OH yeah! Important! The thing I forgot to say (which is why it often caught me out) is that then you need to ACTIVATE This on each page/project you are using.

just because it has been added to PINEGROW (through the manage plugins interface)
it doesnt meant it has been ACTIVATED… for a file/project.

I often forgot/forget that if Ive been away from PG for a while.
ONCE It is added AND activated, you will see the Added goodies in the the PineGrow interface for whatever it is you have added.

mmm, that was interesting.
I just tried to make a video to show how easy it was …and I had a problem.

I added the blocks no problem,
Pinegrow asked about adding resources to the page, I said yes, add to all pages,
the blocks appeared in my library fine,
but then, after dragging them to the pages to create, there weren’t styled.

it took me a few goes to figure it out, so then I added the resources AGAIN, and
it was fine.

but first time, no styles.

@schepengle yes theres a lot of resources on this one due to the number of free icons included so can take a minute or two to load in, but just adding the resources again usually helps

woops! my bad!
delay there.
yes, clicking add resources there did the trick


Talk about value for money!
It will take a good while to work my way through all of those blocks and check them out.

no wonder we have not heard much from you for a while.