Typing in the "inner html" field causes Pinegrow to deselect the element

When I try to type in the “inner html” field of the element window, Pinegrow deselects the element I’m working on and sends me to a blank element control, thereby making it impossible to edit the text. This issue is most problematic when I’m editing text that is meant only for a screen reader and isn’t visible on the page.

I think this happened in previous versions, but I don’t have them installed anymore to test.

See 30-second video below for a demo.

Pinegrow strange target behavior - Watch Video

This happens because in the layout “a - span” span is selected and editing the inner HTML of “a” resets the inner HTML therefore destroying the selected inner “span” element.

The workaround is to select the “a” element when editing its content.

For now, I added a check for this, that selects the parent “a” element when user edits the inner HTML. It is not the perfect solution because it causes a glitch during editing.

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I have no problem using workarounds like this or the code editor for the time being. I’m just submitting bug reports as I find things rather than sitting on them and saying, “I can deal with this,” then forgetting about them altogether.

It’s small things like this that can turn away new users, so at least getting them on a list somewhere is one step closer to a polished experience.

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@adamslowe this is a useful bug report and in cases where there is a quick fix available, that’s what we do.

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