Uploaded Site list of files

I am learning Pinegrow. I created a site and uploaded it to my ISP with Filezilla. When I go to the site it just shows a list of file names, not the site front page. I can load this site created in a different program to the same location on my ISP and it works. Do I need to do something to the “Index” page to make it work? The site is
Appreciate any ideas.

Hi there. Well if you go to your URL, yes, you will find a list of files in the Root directory BUT… they are all capitalised.
So, if you go the page which SHOULD be the default page…
you will get a 404, page not found message…because you dont have index.html with a SMALL i but if you go too…

https://douglascanning.com/Index.html (with a CAPITAL I) then you will find you are at your landing page :slight_smile: (THATS ODD btw…as I would have thought it would have quoted:-
https://douglascanning.com/Index.html not that Blank Template for Bootstrap

Web Servers tend to be Case Sensitive for file names/paths etc.

SO make sure are all file names are lower case… and then make sure all the links in your pages to each other are lower case.

Sorry for delay btw, Ive been out in fields , freezing with happy horses :smiley:
let me know if this helps.
ok ttfn

ah , well done… I see you’ve fixed it.

PS… depending on your server (Apache etc) you might well want to DISABLE directory listing, like you just experienced when looking for your non existent/misspelled file name.

here is some advice on how to do that.

That worked!! Thanks so much. Will change all the file names when I get a chance. Thanks again.