Index file missing

I went to upload my Pinegrow files to GoDaddy and found out that the index file is missing. Is there any way to make Pinegrow create/recreate this file? I tried looking everywhere on my computer and could not find it (even in the trash). I’m probably the only person with this problem :rofl:
Any help is deeply appreciated.

14%20AM If It’s at all helpful, these are the files that I have.

Did you got an “index.html” file, and is it lost now (deleted by accident).
You can look in de directory “_pgbackup”, if there is a backup copy.

If you didn’t make/created one yet, just do that.
Create a new html file “index.html”, and design that page the way you want.

Or take one of the pages you already got, and rename the file you want to show first when people visit your site/project to “index.html”. If you rename a file, also adjust and change the links to that page on the other pages, to make them link to “index.html” (instead of the previous name of the file).

And don’t use “capital letters” in your filenames, make them all lowercase (and update all links to these pages because the filenames are changed). The same for directories, make the directory “IMAGES” lowercase and update the references in your pages to those images in that directory (if needed).

Thanks Marf! I’ll try renaming my Gallery page to index.html and fix everything else like you said. Hopefully it works. I really appreciate all the hard work you and others put into this forum :grinning:

No problem, glad to help.
Good luck and have fun!

Ok, I resaved my Gallery page as index.html and now Pinegrow won’t let me edit the page further. Not sure what’s going on. All the other pages are still editable. I click, right click, etc. and I still get a message saying I need to select an element.

Ok. There was some sort of issue with Pinegrow (a bug???). I ended up quickly rebuilding my landing page. Now, it’s fine. I was able to resave it as index.html and I can still edit it. Definitely something fishy going on…