Published page looks nothing like it's supposed to!

I am getting very frustrated. I have a perfectly good working webpage which looks right on large and small screens when I am working on it in Pinegrow. That is, until I upload it to the web, when it displays pictures the wrong size and text in the wrong place. I suspect there is a file I have omitted to upload, but I have uploaded everything I can think of - maybe it’s in the wrong place.
website is :

I am learning by trial and error and am not very familiar with coding, so don’t know when something important may be missing!

Hope you can help?

You edited the contents of popper.js and bootstrap.min.css

Thanks for your help.

I thought I had rectified those files, but it seems not. Can you suggest how I deal with this?

This is not Pinegrow’s problem, and I don’t think it’s your project’s problem either. You might check via FTP protocol, or from your hosting provider’s “file manager” panel, to see if the files on his site are correct.

If you try to navigate to any inexistent page of your website, this message comes up:

" Welcome to, a site recently created using our clustered Linux web hosting.

If you’re seeing this page instead of your website, please replace or remove the default index.php from your public_html directory."

Check the contents of index.php, save it local (bakcup for safety) and delete it if appropriate. Perhaps this might help you in solving your problem.
Is there a “maintenance” mode on your hosting? Could you be the cause of this?

I hope this information will be helpful to you in solving your problem.

I say this because, inspecting the files that show errors, they have unusual content.

From what you told me, you verified that everything is correct and exported the project as usual, so there is something else causing problems.

Thank you,

I’m sure it is my error somewhere. I’ll investigate the hosting files.

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