Uploading breaks theme features

Hi, this could be CSS, but I am not sure exactly what’s going wrong with my test site. It looks great when testing locally on Chrome, Firefox, etc on Mac OS X Catalina. It’s fast and looks cool.

I’m using the WildMusic (completed version with my edits) template. After I upload the project, the response on a desktop is super slow/glitchy. On Firefox, everything seems to work, but takes a good amount of time for the animations and interactions to work. Testing on Chrome via hosted site, it looks terrible. The background color is gone, no interactions, etc.

Again, locally, it’s perfect. Uploaded it just kinda goes to crap.

There was an HREF to a CSS file in index. So I downloaded that file, and changed the link to be local. I can’t tell what else is causing this thing to act up.

Here’s the site:


Can someone point me in the right direction? This is a test site, but it’s bugging me. LOL
Thanks in advance!

Well, a quick check here

shows that the page is 20MB.

That’s some size for an initial landing page., I was just checking the server speed out to be honest.

Not everyone has Uber fast network connections. And I thought your server might just be a bit… pants.

But maybe optimise your images to start with, as the testing site I quoted did show that its 20MB and thats without all that image manipulation, animation funkyness.

so using whatever app you use, try

There’s other stuff too, just that’s just a basic starting point for you.

And I use the Brave browser mostly and yes, your sites performance is pants :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m also connected via hotspot mobile phone.
BUT… when your viewing the site, do you live in a block of students who are ALL gaming online and downloading pictures of kittens at the same time?

that would affect it too.

N.B, on this server test , it came back as taking 0.72s to London!


weeeell, it takes a lot longer in Wales, that’s all I can say!

so maybe the delay is in the browser render of the page.

mmmm, but
if I OPEN URL in Pinegrow for your site, to view it,
then CMD+B To open that site in a local browser it seems to open much faster!
ANd I get to see what it should actually look/respond like.

Interesting… ok, over to the next guy to do some experimenting :smiley:

Wow, such a basic thing, yes. I hadn’t checked the actual file size. With any backups created, it shows as over 30MB locally. Ummm, yeah so off to Photoshop to optimize a bit LOL

Thanks man!

It’s better with images being about 50k rather than over 3MB Who knew? LOL
But that weird issue with Chrome is still there. It’s not rendering properly and the background is white where it should be black. The intro animation is pushed far down below the first image - should be on top. Etc.
I’m going to try another OS with Chrome.