Uploading html to Wordpress

I have a client that has bought a Wordpress domain name and hosting from Wordpress for two years. It turns out that they need an html website from me. Can I easily upload the html website to Wordpress hosting?

I did a search on the wordpress.com website and they only host wordpress, they do not allow FTP or any non wordpress related files. You will not have access to anything in the file system other than through the wordpress control panel.

If they need a non-wordpress website than they need to find hosting from another provider that is not wordpress centric.

It took me a minute of searching wordpress.com to find that answer for you, something you could easily do. Lots of interesting support information on their site regarding their hosting, complaints, support tickets you can read…

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I was wondering if anyone had any experience in doing something like this: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-upload-html-files-to-wordpress
Thank you.

Hey Jim, I upload files almost daily to WordPress sites, but via FTP using FileZilla as a client. If you need to modify the WordPress installation or theme, you can easily do it this way. Of course, you’ll need the login information from the hosting account to do it.

Are you saying that you want to add a straight HTML page to the WordPress site, and not an additional PHP template as is normally done? You could do that by modifying the menu or link structure and referencing that external page from within WordPress. It wouldn’t be part of the theme, but it would be considered an external page using an external link.

Again, it’s going to depend on the hosting account. You can’t do anything with a WordPress.com site, but most private hosting account you should be able to.

Thanks for the info and happy Christmas everyone.