How do you connect to your web host?

I am stuck. Long time developer, new to PineGrow. How do you connect your project to your web host so you can upload your files via FTP? I was able to pull the URL from my online site, but can’t seem to find a connection setting anywhere. Can’t find any info in search or docs either.

Hi @jefferis,
Pinegrow allows you to develop your project locally. It isn’t designed for any specific type of hosting. Basically, once your pages are completed you need to upload them using an external FTP client. Links within the project are typically relative, so as long as you maintain the same file hierarchy when uploading they should all work. Where your projects are uploaded to is dependant on your host. Your hosting service should have some type of documentation to help you out.
Hope this helps,

Well that explains why I couldn’t find it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes. I use FileZilla.

Filezilla here too…and yet more characters to make up the minimum 20…

Would save yourself a headache of unsafe FTP uploads and get your project in a GitHub repo and deploy to Netlify. This may be a bit advanced for a beginner but direct FTP upload is risky af

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But Sam - that is half the fun. Remember, deploy on Friday, check on Monday!

You have a twisted sense of fun


S…ftp …anyone?

I didnt wish to be pedantic (for a change) but that’s pretty secure.

And you cant really go wild and crazy on github pages and start sticking up wordpress sites etc.

Its pretty fine for checking out static stuff, buuuuut…

That’s ya lot

Well, the last time I checked anyway, which was some time ago

So feel free to excite/humiliate/enlighten/educate me :slight_smile:

Sorry. I meant “secure” as in, the resilience of your code. Once you overwrite using SFTP/FTP that’s it! No going back. I should have said “safe”. Yes, SFTP is secure in its protocol and without a doubt the defacto solution (wrote FTP for brevity) so make sure this is the case.

You’re right, I forget Pinegrow helps build Wordpress and so I assume SFTP = static. Github Actions using SFTP is a thing but still, a more advance setup for those less familiar.

Thanks for the useful corrections!

Ah, all good, I gotchya now!

Yes, Now, the scales have been lifted from my eyes and I can SEE… what you meant.
Sorry :smiley:
I thought there was something not quite right there, still I get your point now…thanks.

And Ive not actually used Pinegrow and Github together yet Shocking … my versioning could, umm do
with a bit of er, …oversight… cough Cough

But now, another conundrum!
You got me there, above, about static? I Think I might have misread it again or something, not quite sure what that bit means?
Feel free to light me up on that topic :slight_smile:

Ok, Microwave meal is READY!
Chefs in the house!

I’m guessing Sam might mean the fact that projects can have a repo in GitHub that automatically updates in Netlify (or host for free in GitHub if it is static), but I’m a little confused because Netlify also hosts WordPress. Maybe there isn’t good (automatic) integration back to GitHub?

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away from Pinegrow recently.

By “static” I mean HTML files that don’t need a “server” to run. The files don’t m need to be generated by something like PHP (Wordpress). You could in theory drag the html file into your browser and it’ll work. Hope that helps

@RobM I didn’t m know Netlify worked with Wordpress. Will check it out.