Video example - CSS stylesheet "Table of Contents"

I think it would be absolutely amazing if you could add a Table of Contents element to Pinegrow CSS stylesheet editor. So we can comment the sections of our CSS like “/// General”, “/// Typography” etc. and the ToC element will show “General” and “Typography” in a list. After clicking an item, it should scroll to this section in the stylesheet. Nesting could be helpful too - using 4 slashes would nest a section under the section with 3 slashes.

Here’s the video from Kevin Geary’s ACSS 3.0 first look video that shows exactly what I mean:

Well one thing you can do is make the toc at the top of your stylesheet and make sure you organize your css with comments. Then you can use ctrl f to search for anything. Then copy one of the toc items and paste that in the ctrl f to search and go to that section of the stylesheet.

I don’t use the toc but i use the ctrl f a lot to go to certain sections of my stylesheet.

But yeah the option to have it like the video would be cool! :wink: