Video not showing after exporting WP Theme

I am trying out PG with WP. I have created and exported a theme with just a video in it. The problem is that the video won’t show under wordpress site preview, instead it will show no problem when previewed from PG.
Inspecting the element i see

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I have double checked the source and the video is indeed under the exported theme.

Any Hint?

Your ngrok is down, so can’t really troubleshoot. I’m suspecting it is a case of not having your file in the correct place in the directory. Where is your video located in relation to your page (index.php?)?

If I place the video in main WP directory then it shows. I am a WP beginner so it is not clear to me. Should I place all my media files in the main WP directory when building the template in PG? When the theme was exported the media files where placed inside …\wp-content\theme\mythemename\assets\videos\xx.mp4 as per the structure I had given the project.


I did a little bit of testing with @Emmanuel - it seems the the relative path is correctly updated for images, but not for videos. We will try to get this fixed in a future release. Nothing wrong with your structure!

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