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Want to look like the British government?


Here you go.


oh, sorry for the sock :slight_smile:


I’m a happy chappie now that my accountant handles all of my .gov needs…because it’s the most horrible to navigate, dire excuse of a system we’ve got.

Ooh I hope they include their form styling!!

Nooooooooooot! Haha


Blecch! I must admit, I get a kick out of these organizations that believe their style/UI/design is just so great that the rest of the world will just have to adopt it. Google’s Material Design comes to mind. We went from a barely styled internet to drop-shadows and bevels on every damn thing, to skeuomorphism (with more drop shadows and bevels) and then made a huge 180 degree turn with flat everything and material everything, and now it’s animated material everything. The web has never looked so bland and monotonous, or moved so much for absolutely no reason. "Oh look… here’s our staff… wait a second… their images will come flying and bouncing in off screen from the right and left. Why? Because they can!



Parallax effect Parrots sliding through your child birth, live streaming channel… I mean what?..

Why God WHY?

Just HOW does it add to the CONTENT which is delivered?

I sometimes feel 180 years old!


It’s funny because its true… can you make it do “x” because its the current hot trend. 6 months can you change it to “y”, “x” is so dated… but I don’t want to pay for the change of style!


@schpengle I haven’t read through the docs but if you ignored the design part there might be something useful! After all governments do run the world successfully :wink:



not :stuck_out_tongue:

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