Warning: require_once(inc/blocks/wp_blocks.php): failed to open stream

I’m working on my first WP theme. I’ve just done the very minimum I guess…
Created an index.html file, using “Bootstrap Blocks for WP”
Added a default header, footer and a simple content block.

When I export and active the theme, I get an error message… “Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘inc/blocks/wp_blocks.php’”

Like PG Has not exported part of the theme that relates to the blocks I have used. I think I’m exporting the right way…

Anyone have any ideas what step I have missed out?

The file it needs to include is here…

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinegrow4\frameworks\blocks\template\inc\blocks\wp_blocks.php

This file/directory is not in my PG source files, or in my Wordpress theme folder, after export.

Do I need to tell PG to export related code?

After deactivating and re-activating “Bootstrap Blocks for WP” it now exports the project properly.

There’s a few hours wasted today I could have done without. :’(

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HI there, did you save the project first, right at the beginning? ````
just wondering. There does seem to be some issues with things being saved outside of the project some times, Or I could be wrong.

But, well done on figuring it out, thanks will bare you advise in mind when tinkering.

To be honest I can’t remember. I do remember reading in the tutorial that you start and save immediately. So it’s likely I did it.