What theme settings must be set for the "Update field list ..." command to work correctly in Post Field Smart Action?


In order to display some information on my site, I use custom fields created through the ACF plugin. I use Post Field Smart Action to display information. When I click on the “Update field list …” pop-up menu item (in “Field id” setting), the custom fields created in the ACF plugin are not loaded.


  1. Please tell me how Pinegrow Theme Converter gets information about the list of custom fields on my site? I am interested in the mechanism for obtaining the values ​​of custom fields. Does the program parse the html document somehow? Or is it somehow connecting to my site’s Wordpress database?
  2. What are the required settings for Pinegrow Theme Converter for this functionality to work correctly?

For local development I am using LocalWP. My LocalWP settings:

Wordpress -> Theme settings... of my project:

Index.html Page settings:

Created fields in ACF plugin for custom post “Отзывы” (eng. Testimonials):

This is a very neat & convenient feature which works really fine.

You have to

  1. Setup the details of your WordPress site correctly (Theme / Plugin settings)
  2. Define the preview url for the corresponding template (if your custom fields are defined for posts only, you will not see anything when editing the index page and so on).

Save your template document with the last changes (& sometimes reload the template in Pinegrow.)