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Free Basic Website Animator software for PC , for a few days


Here you go…windows users!
Drat! I’m a Mac user.

this exports basic animations to Gif, HTML5, proprietary code for their product and their X5 software.
Let us know if its any good, or leave feedback for others on their download page.

I have used this site A LOT, you see some really good software turn up on there when companies (read 2 geeks in their mothers basement) are releasing some new super duper version, so they use this site to give away their old version - usually without being able to upgrade to the new version without getting a licence of course…


Thanks for sharing! I looked at the comparison table on their site, and this GO version looks very limited. I pass on this one, and will wait for the new AnimatorPro Plugin for Pinegrow (whenever it’s ready)!


Yes, someone else said it was a bit limited in the product description but if you have nothing its free :slight_smile:
mmm and what update is that then @Marf
I thought we had just had one…


I just learnt to read and bump started my memory…>

forgive me, I am but a worm…


There’s also this, which is free, and works on any device.



Terribly terribly… Shiny!

… must have!

its 1am and I’m trying to write my first Wordpress theme.
So this apps products might just end up in it :smiley: