What's the license situation with Greensock? (ScrollSmoother Plugin)

How does the license work with Pinegrow and GSAP? Does it have a BusinessGreen license where it’s able to share the license with Pinegrow users?

if so, I love the recently announced ScrollSmoother plugin. Will this be updated/integrated with Pinegrow soon? How would this work?


@fakesamgregory we have a special custom license that let’s our users use all GreenSock public features without restrictions (for example, having to buy a GreenSock license if they resell their PG projects to multiple customers). But bonus GreenSock plugins are not included atm.

We are talking with GreenSock about including ScrollSmoother but the outcome is not yet clear.


Ah, I see. Not a simple case of just updating the library then.

Looking forward to it. Hopefully, it all works out.