Short impression of the amazing interactions plugin

Hi Pinegrowers,

Today I decided to go for it despite the prescription plan of $ 25 ex. VAT a year. I just hate prescription plans but anyway. You can pay and authorize the interaction plugin out of Pinegrows latest version 5.9 and start animating.

Started a Bootstrap 4 project and opened the index page with some text and images. At the top right there appears a new icon that when clicked opens the interaction panel.

Adding a animation to a element on your web page is super easy! Just click an element for example a image and go to the panel to select for example the Trigger: Scrolling the Page | Target: Default this element | Animation: rotateIn.

Now when you open your web page and scroll the page you see the animation doing it’s thing! That’s it!
Of course you can see the animation in Pinegrow by scrolling the page in the app or hovering with your mouse cursor over the play button. And this is only the beginning of what you can do.

By clicking on the Edit Animation button a time line opens at the bottom of Pinegrow that changes it in a compact version of Adobe After Effects with multiple layers. Here you can edit the time and transition and fine tune your animations/effects.

I’m always very skeptical when a new app is introduced but this one has blasted me away in one day.
All together I’m very much impressed by this application that offers a full animation recording studio for websites and deliver cross browser animation effects and real animations out of the box and of course there are plenty of possibilities to create your own animations in navigation systems, on forms, images, video and you can even use sound!




At first I thought yeah, so what… stuff moves around, Big Deal! And then I thought a bit and remembered the catchy headers and banners.

And then I noticed the price and checked out the terms of the license. Pretty sweet deal, really, with more to come.

So then I looked around at who else was doing “action” headers and banners and why should I use them. Short answer – click through rate.

Just a subscription at Snack{something} per month is around what you would pay yearly for this app, PG Pro is able to do so much more.

I know this has been a long time in the works and everything is so easy to put together with the included timeline. There’s nothing extra to buy; all included and more.

It doesn’t cost anything to try PG Pro with Interactions out for a week. Just an email will get you up and running.

If you don’t need WordPress, there are two options. Renewal price after a year to help support development is somewhere around 50% (a nice little discount).

You can buy a 1 year subscription for under $75 and everything will end once the subscription has expired.

The other option is to purchase just PG Pro for just under $75 and get Interactions as a $25 add-on. Without renewal, PG Pro will continue to function (without updates) indefinitely.

There are similar puchasing options for the premium PG Pro with WordPress and Interactions.

The nice thing about this buy is Interactions is brand-new to everyone. The kicker is that Interactions with continue to be $25 with no increase as long as you don’t cancel your subscription.

This is a really great software with a great “actions” add-on. It’s cool, fun, and addictive… and sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Have fun!

Note: Oh, forgot to mention… The premium version can be used to create and convert standard websites to WordPress, or from WordPress back to a standard website.


Just purchased it today, and am quite pleased with it overall.

I take a strong stance against subscription models, with one exception being if it is an add-on to a core product which is subscription free (or offers a subscription free version), and the add-on is not a requirement to using the core software to its fullest original potential, then no problem.

I haven’t been using Pinegrow in my workflow as much as I’d like and really want to take advantage of it and take control of my projects code.