GSAP 3 & ScrollTrigger - update for Pinegrow Interactions Plugin

Hi @matjaz roughly 5 months have passed since that comment of moving to GSAP 3 soon.

How is the progress going regarding updating to GSAP 3 and thus presumedly ScrollTrigger for the PGIA “Pinegrow Interactions” plugin? GSAP 3 is now at 3.4.x so any issues you were supposedly encountering should be long gone. Migration in general should be relatively easy. Plus ScrollTrigger in most cases is less code and it too is being updated quickly, only seeing rare edge case issues that should not be hindering things for Pinegrow.

So I also wonder and trust that it won’t be too much longer for the plugin update to GSAP 3?

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We’ll soon update Interactions to the latest GSAP. ScrollTrigger will also be included.

But I said the same 5 months ago :slight_smile:


:grin: Ok, was just curious.

Since GreenSock does a superb job with releases (typically averaging about one a week) as I mentioned in the quoted thread that has your above comment about a GSAP 3 update coming soon. Concerning issues or bugs, if anyone finds a legitimate bug it will predominately be fixed within hours or a day. They are excellent about interacting with users on their forum also. Many times a specific fix or even feature is issued via a beta link in a thread. That is then rolled out soon after in the next actual release. So you don’t need to wait in production as a developer and can keep working.

ScrollTrigger has dominated their forum since its release so its has been ironed out quickly with further features appearing also.

These things along with the GreenSock staff and members helping users with general GSAP questions all day plus the comprehensive documentation and learning resources make GSAP the premium animation tool. Ever if all you use is the standard no charge license you get all these benefits and more, but the paid plugins and memberships are likewise priceless.

Thanks @matjaz for the response looking forward to see the update, sooner or later. :wink:

So excited to start using scroll triggers in my work! Awesome move by GreenSock.

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In addition to your sneak peek post the other day, its nice to officially hear that announcement @matjaz

Can users expect full support of ScrollTrigger features, such as

  • batch()
  • matchMedia()
  • scrollerProxy()
  • etc.,

Along with support for a comprehensive spectrum of the GSAP 3 core features?

@Pinegrow_User not yet sure about those. The goal of PG Interactions is not to be a 100% GUI implementation of GreenSock. For some tasks it really make sense to do them directly in code.

We will implement features that are widely useful and are a good fit for GUI workflow.

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Understood but …

… it sure seems like those above three fit that description perfectly. :wink: