Where's the AI Interface

Just downloaded Pinegrow 7.5 and I can’t find the AI interface in the settings.

@HockingWebGuy if the AI panel is not shown you can toggle it in the Window menu:

Okay, that does it! Thank you very much. I’m sure the AI will probably be able to help me a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

Ran into my second snag. Now it’s asking me to click on my settings and enter my openai api key. I was able to find that and returned to the Support/Settings and it opens a pretty long page of settings. I didn’t see anywhere to input the api. I copied the entire page and saved it as a Word Document and did a word search on openai and nothing came up. I’m missing something somewhere. Do I have to buy a proprietary api key from pinegrow?

Okay, I solved that last one. Rather than settings under Support / Settings I found it at the bottom of the page with wrench and shovel icons.
I was able to plug in my openai api key there but my trials were not yet over. I gave me three options for the AI. Chat GPT-3.5, Chat GPT 4, and what seemed to be another perhaps newer Chat GPT which I selected first. Didn’t work. Then chose Chat GPT 4. Didn’t work. Tried Chat GPT 3.5 and it gave me an error message for trying too many times.

As Charlie Brown would say: AARRGHHHH!

You are probably using the free version of openai.
The free version of openai, after a few months, no longer allows you to use the api for free (although you can continue to use openai from the site).

Try logging into the openai site and check the section dedicated to your openai account. Check the usage statistics, especially the end of the openai api key trial period.

PineGrow allows you to select which openai model to use.
OpenAI offers several models, not all of which are available for free.
For the free versions, simply use GPT-3-5 to start working in PineGrow right away.

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FYI. Try the ChatGPT pay as you go plan and you can increase it according to your needs. See: OpenAI’s 'Pay As You Go' Is the Best Way to Use ChatGPT