Why is pinegrow so unpopular?

Sirs, why is everybody talking about bricks, elementor or oxygen but few are talking about pinegrow. Feels to me like pinegrow is the most undervalued visual pagebuilder. I know pinegrow is a program for more advanced users but still. There’s not even a fb group, nothing. Very hard to find more help.

Hi @Lapos,
There are several unofficial Facebook pages - at least two in English and one in German that I know about. There is also this site for more help! Ask away!

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Hi Bob! Thank you very much! Very helpful but still it feels to me like pinegrow is a sleeping giant. Why is that so?

Hi @Lapos,

I think we both share the love & appreciation for Pinegrow & it’s capability, it’s agnostic nature to support building apps with “clean-code”, no tool lock-in, especially co-authoring with an external editor like Vs-code.

I feel “low-code” tools appeal largely to the non-tech or semi-tech-savvy crowd and they are in fact different to the toolset used by the tech crowd (of course, there is an overlap). Pinegrow is quite popular within the tech crowd, devs aspiring to learn basic web tech and various frameworks (visually), wordpress devs.

Personally, for me, Pinegrow has always “simply” worked to increase my productivity building web apps. Pinegrow is quite unique in it’s genre (clean-code), and comparison with other low-code tools is comparing apples & oranges. I have read numerous horror stories where apps build on low-code tools using proprietary formats, later, don’t scale well and has a huge cost in terms of customization & maintenance.

I think our love for Pinegrow does in fact make as feel that it can have wider reach. Pinegrow has organically evolved over years, and I have noticed some hints from it’s founder on this forum about exciting new features coming soon, I’m very positive, can’t wait for them…


Sir i knew pinegrow already but i forgot about. Yes i completely agree! I’m not a pro but pinegrow gives me the opportunity to learn coding in a very cool way especially in combination with vscode.

Yea i agree pinegrow is more for pros but why not create something like pinegrow light for people who are less experienced? I think pinegrow has a lot of potential but the marketing is pretty bad or non existent. I don’t know if this is intentional.

Hi @Lapos
I agree with @Akayy. Pinegrow is a little bit of a niche product. If you are primarily a low-code/no-code, front-end person you are likely going to gravitate toward builders like Divi or Oxygen. If you are more backend savvy, the current trend is to use a framework like Node or React or… Not a ton of people who want full code control and are using HTML. It is sad because Pinegrow is so extensible. Any agency could easily write some custom JavaScript and fit Pinegrow into their workflow very nicely to create custom sites really quickly. Trying to reach those people is a bit of a challenge. Those sorts of people also aren’t heavy social media users, so you don’t get a lot of word-of-mouth advertising. I guess the only solution (for now) is to spread the word and the love for Pinegrow whenever you can!


Hi @Lapos ,

I had the same question before but i answered it myself.

Yes, I admit that Pinegrow is running a very low profile visibility. That is because most people, especially business solution developer (i am one but reformed, hehehehe…) tend to look for something close to their environment. Especially people using WordPress.

Remember WP is not coding CMS platform like Joomla (extreme is Drupal) and so WP users need something close to them like Elementor. Like me i am looking for something close to Codeigniter but the closest i could get is PHPRad. I use PG to simulate the pages and port over to CI.

Another thing is that, PG does not support embedded code (PHP, Python etc). So in reality, when you want to develop an app based a pure Web Stack (HTML,CSS, JS) then PG is the best choice as it maintains the sanity of developers. Versions like WYSIWIG Builder are fine but soon developers will lose their core skill. Not with PG, it does maintains developer sanity and at the same maintains a good sane level of drag and drop capabilities. The great thing about PG is reduces the amount of keystrokes and search. I use PG a lot to test css libraries and web component.

The question should not be “unpopular” instead should be “least known”.

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I also found that the Pinegrow Community could be bigger, that’s why I startet the German Pinegrow-Forest.com with it’s new Facebook Group.