Will Pinegrow generated Blocks be compatible with "Partially synced patterns"?

A very important evolution of the Block editor are the coming PSP (Partially synced patterns). I think it can be tested already with the current version of the Gutenberg Plugin (personally had no time for this so far).

I would appreciate an assessment from the Pinegrow Developers. Are blocks created with Pinegrow compatible out of the box? If not, what are the plans in this regard? Is there anything to consider now for having compatibility in the future?



Is there any official information @matjaz @Emmanuel regarding this topic?


I really hope they are compatible, although I normally don’t create patterns from custom blocks. When I’m making patterns, it’s almost always from core blocks, and custom blocks already have all the things I need unless I want multiple inner blocks for some reason (custom blocks can only have one inner block area).

Also, it looks like Partially Synced Patterns (Synced Pattern Overrides) is getting pushed back to WordPress 6.6.
Synced Pattern Overrides punted, Font Library approved, as WordPress 6.5 nears release – WP Tavern

Without PSP we are forced to create bigger generic custom blocks. It would be nice to have the option for an atomic approach where multiple small blocks can combined in a PSP (a mix of custom and core blocks for example).

The atomic approach can help solving the lack of multiple innerBlocks because we can combine multiple blocks with its own innerBlocks inside one PSP. At least I hope so.

I think Pinegrow can not solve the “single innerBlocks per Block” problem by itself because it’s a WordPress restriction. PSP might come in handy here.

As far as I can see from the specification there is nothing that would prevent PG blocks from being used in PSP. The new “content” attribute is added to the pattern itself by WP, it doesn’t appear that any changes are needed on blocks directly.

That said, we will see when the feature comes out :slight_smile: If any changes are required on our end, we will implement them.


Sounds great! Thank you.

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