Wordpress custom block patterns

I would be awesome to be able to make the new block patterns in pinegrow just like the gutenberg blocks with ACF.

The downside with the current gutenberg blocks made in pinegrow is you need ACF Pro and it sucks that the fields comes in the right sidebar instead of in the editor itself.If you have a text block it’s so narrow and it sucks to write large amount of text in the little field you get in the wordpress sidebar.

Making block patterns would be very handy when you need to make a modular site so the client can easy customize instead of using a pagebuilder or the ACF and gutenberg blocks.

Is this something that’s possible to add to pinegrow in the future?

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Now we can add blocks but there are 2 problems here:
1- We must add custom fields on ACF plugin. If we have dozen of blocs, how can we remember all block field names etc.
2- If we add same block 2 times, when we edit one of them, the other one also changes.
It was not a good experience for me.
But here, on community, there are so much talented guy. If any of them create a simple way to add Gutenberg blocks it will be so so much better.
I wish someone would do it.