Is Pinegrow creating WP Full Site Editing Themes (Block-based ready or not?)

I followed the Pinegrow video series " Simple full site editing with WordPress Blocks" and it seems to me very interesting. However I have some doubts:

1 - How the Bootstrap Framework colors and typography integrates with the new Full-Site Editing (FSE) Global Styles?
2 - Actually, even if I install the latest Gutenberg plugin I can’t get to appear the Site Editor (Beta);
3 - So, Pinegrow theme generation is not yet compatible with WP FSE block-based themes or I am understanding not correctly?
4 - If not compatible, when will be possible to work with headers and footers as blocks and save them in the new FSE template system, etc.

Thank you

Hello Jorge,

Thanks for your questions.

What is called Full Site Editing (FSE) in WordPress is still at the stage of the very fresh paint and currently requires the use of a plugin (Gutenberg) which receives patches and updates VERY (too?) often.

As usual, we will make sure to consider/add specific features in line with the official guidelines as soon as they are integrated in the core (which is expected in WP 5.9 > January 2022), considered stable and properly documented.

In the meantime, we propose ONE ultra stable, ultra functional, full site editing experience (header/main/footer), with true native WordPress blocks fully created with Pinegrow and without the need to use the Gutenberg plugin.It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Read more on our documentation site:

Hi Emmanuel,
Thank you very much for your detailed explanation.

Now I understand the actual situation much better. Pinegrow is becoming a real powerful tool and I hope that it will integrate quickly with the future stable development of Gutenberg and FSE.

For now, the solution proposed on the video series is already very cool and functional.