Will there ever be an official Woocommerce integration for Pinegrow?

I was wondering whether there are any plans (either short or long term) for a woocommerce integration for Pinegrow. I adore Pinegrow as a power tool in building WordPress themes and I would equally love a similar approach to building Woocommerce compatible themes with the same interface as is currently employed in building regular WordPress themes with Pinegrow. For now I have resorted to using Snipcart as an ecommerce solution because it is so much easier to integrate (on any site) and allows for full front-end customisation. Don’t get me wrong, Snipcart is good but the feature set and native compatibility with WordPress of Woocommerce are hard to deny. Having the customisability that Snipcart offers with Woocommerce would be a seriously useful tool to have!

PS: I know there is a tutorial out there that lays out how to declare support for Woocommerce in a wordpress theme that could work with Pinegrow but I have never got it to work right.


I also thought that PG already offers Woocommerce support. But now I have to create a bigger online shop and I see that this is not the case. I’m a bit disappointed, now I try to get it work somehow. A native Woocommerce integration would be really welcome.