Grats on the new product pinegrow team!

As a huge pinegrow fan i am very hyped about your new product and it looks awesome.
I work a lot with converting designs to wordpress in pinegrow and this new awesome tool looks like a huge timesaver .I will for sure buy this new tool since i am a huge pinegrow fan and i will buy all things you release, they are all high quality releases and pinegrow is my favourite tool for sure.

However i got one question .
The only thing pinegrow and this new tool is missing is a option for woocommerce.
Now I have to use other tools and software’s to do custom designs for woocommerce and it would be awesome to do it in pinegrow or this new tool or even a new tool dedicated for woocommerce.

Woocommerce is such huge part of wordpress that I think it’s essential to get a option for pinegrow.
I don’t mind buying a new tool or paying for a plugin etc for pinegrow.

Good luck with the sales! (you first sale is mine ,lol)