Wordpress backend editor unstyled

Even if I am uploading the “tailwind_for_wp_editor.css” file to the Editor style sheet, WordPress back-end remains un-styled UNLESS I upload the “tailwind.css” file.

Anyone experienced anything like this?

@red-rosefields is the CSS file exported to the theme? (Check in the Project panel)
If so, try regenerating the design by clicking on the design thumbnail in the Design panel and then exporting again.

Hello @matjaz Thanks for taking the time to answer.
The css file is in the project folder.
I can see the file with the inspector as well.

I can see the file with the inspector as well.

But the back-end remains unstyled. It only works if I load the tailwind.css

Thanks in advanced.

@red-rosefields looks like the file is included in the editor correctly.

The tailwind_for_wp_editor.css does not contain reset CSS styles that make all headings, buttons etc look unstyled. So, the styling is somewhat different from what you get from regular tailwind.css.

Can you post the image of how the block appears on the front end?