WordPress support Guidelines: A reminder :)


WordPress themes, blocks and plugins development, although facilitated by our applications (and soon our plugin), is an activity for which the sources of issues can be multiple.

From misunderstandings to configuration errors, the causes of malfunctions are definitely too numerous for the Pinegrow support team to provide quality answers without following a specific process.

Also, for your support request related to WordPress theme & blocks development, please, thank you to follow our instructions found HERE.

If you are unable to resolve your issue after step 2, please follow all the instructions in step 3 and send us all the details of the issue you are facing along with all the requested elements.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

On a personal note, since I manage WordPress support requests, I think it’s wise to specify that of the requests that come to us and that initially mention a possible bug in Pinegrow, most are errors of understanding, development, use, knowledge of Javascript, Frameworks, WordPress and so on …

This does not exonerate Pinegrow insofar as perhaps we should better handle certain situations, prevent others etc. … but this precision seems useful to me to avoid the precipitation in the accusations and the “opinions” that we receive in the support mailbox from time to time.

Emmanuel ARNOUD.