No response from support for over 3 weeks

Hello my name is Markus and I live in Germany.

Is there still a support for Pinegrow?

I made a request in december and again 2 in january. unfortunately no answer until today.

Therefore I try it now over the forum.

Many greetings


Hello @PixxelHunter I’m sorry for the situation & I’m going to check with the support.
In the mean time, posting your question here with a clear topic could also help.

Thank you very much for the offer.

It is about the wordpress editor in Pinegrow Pro.

I would like to post the article. This is very large and has some screenshots for better understanding. Since my uploads are currently limited, this makes little sense.

HG Markus

I have changed your level, so you can post a full topic now.

Ohh Thanks a lot .

Then I will post this in Pinegrow WP shortly

HG Markus

@PixxelHunter Btw, we also have a custom procedure for complex “WordPress related” support requests that you will find here: Contact Us | Pinegrow Web Editor