Workflow with Node and EJS - any tips please?

We’re building node.js projects and I wanted to know if anyone else has tips on the best workflow between Pinegrow and EJS files served by node.js?

So, for example

  1. I build the static html and css pages (no issues).
  2. Push to Git
  3. Developer needs to convert them to EJS for dynamic content and sets up routes to do so

this works with no issues…BUT:

Then I want to make significant changes to the page design so then dev needs to go and reconvert all my static HTML pages to EJS again.

Is there any better way to do this?

Pinegrow is such a great product by the way, well done to the team, I absolutely love it!!

Hi @excede ,

Of course when you make the HTML templates in Pinegrow I see no problem but…
I guess you work with EJS partials and make the HTML code in blocks!? Think your better of in Sublime Text with Terminus or VS code with the terminal and a local server. If you have to convert every little change from HTML to EJS? I tried to work with PUG files in Pinegrow, but that didn’t work too it was to complicated.