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WP Blocks > Sorry, no posts matched your criteria

Hello, I have just begun watching the introduction video on page. I placed the first block with no issues at all, but when it came to me placing a content block as shown on video and then importing the theme, the problem was that the block showed “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” on the block and in the customizing section on wordpress dashboard, in the content 2-2 it says “content source” with no options to choose from?? I have tried switching out with other content blocks and same result as the one i have just explained. I would appreciate some guidence on this issue, thank you.

It’s not a bug, you just don’t have the content in WordPress so there is nothing to display.

One of the best way to understand Bootstrap blocks for WordPress is to use the following:

IMPORTANT: Please, IMPORT the Sample content ONLY AFTER you have created, exported and activated your first WordPress theme using Bootstrap Blocks. Otherwise, it will not work.

Thank you for your help earnoud, problem fixed.