WP plugin without WP edition

I realized that I can activate the WP plugin even though I only have the PRO edition of Pinegrow. So the question is, can I make WP themes without the WP edition?

Short answer: you need Pinegrow WP to create and export WordPress themes.

But i can activate the plugin without it

Then have a go! :slight_smile: If you can actually CREATE and EXPORT as well, then so, it might be a licensing issue, where it would be expected that you were to pay and register for the WP edition if you actually use it for that. they Way companies SHOULD pay the company fee for their licenses. They recoup that cost from the Tax Man anyway :slight_smile:

PS, I have the WP version, but havent managed to create/export/actually use a working theme yet.
Bad Skillz/fail on my part!

The paid versions let you trial some of the features like WordPress. Pretty sure it works for 7 days from activation of the Wordpress plugin, not 7 days from first using the Pro version. For example if you owned/used pinegrow pro for 6 months and then activate the WordPress portion you have 7 days from then. :evergreen_tree:

Sure you can, as long as you know all the code. Technically you could make a WordPress theme in Notepad, but it would be a pain in the you know what.