3D DOM modelling

Why not! :)?

Based on the fact that MS Edge (Cough!) Browser is built on Electron Node and Chromium

Can render a 3D model of the DOM Tree…
like this,

aaand… since PG is based on Electron Node and Chromium and following the same sort of logic as this

Could we have a 3D Tree model of our DOM in PG?

I mean MS managed it… (several years after everyone else failed/gave up/didn’t bother)
And MS only have. A FEW…more people than the PG team, and a SLIGHTLY larger (GDP than Germany)… number of people in their RnD department … (you could count @matjaz 's dog and even it up a bit)

Wow. Imagine THAT as a visual aid in PG
Clickable 3d Web view, that shows you the z-index, then takes you to the PG, Z layer controls, and styles etc etc.

imagine… dragging elements on a 3D model view, to the correct div nesting… Mind bending.

Just saying… dont ask, dont get.

Which reminds me Santa… where’s my Submarine!?

Perhaps you meant #feature-request instead of random.

Pinegrow uses NWJS the last I understood, but it too is chromium based.