500 server error on new theme

I recently created a WP theme using the WP blocks. I made some mods to the css, nothing too crazy, but now when I upload and activate the theme, I am getting a 500 server error. I did recently upgrade to Pinegrow 4.911. Is anyone having issues with the latest version of PG?

Without anymore details (hosting provider, transfer app and more …), I can only guess the transfer went wrong but I don’t see any particular relation with Pinegrow.

I use Dreamhost as the provider and FileZilla as the ftp app. There weren’t any failed transfers and I did a complete transfer of the exported Wordpress folder.

Maybe you should try to install the theme on a local setup first and check if the theme is ok. (that’s the standard way to proceed for a successful experience).

see: https://pinegrow.com/docs/wordpress/10-things-you-should-consider-before-starting-to-create-a-wordpress-theme-with-pinegrow-wp/

As eranoud posted in this thread, it is fairly easy and advisable to test locally first to make sure your themes work properly before dealing with the server issues.

Ok, so this weekend I tested on a local server and was able to figure out that I mistakenly put a hyphen in the theme slug name.

I manually updated functions.php and replaced the hyphen with an underscore and the theme works.

Now, the issue is, even though I changed the slug name in pinegrow, it must be cached somewhere because when I re-export the theme, it reverts back to the hyphenated name in functions.php. I tried the clear cache in the File menu, but that didn’t seem to work.

Does anyone know how to correctly update the slug name for a theme?

@adinezza try temporarily moving the functions.php file to a different place outside of you export folder then re-export. This way a new functions.php file will be created instead of overwriting/updating existing functions.php

Hope this helps.