A few things I would like to ask for

could you please add the option to use scss rather than css when creating a new bootstrap theme from getbootstrap? Because now one always has to goto page > Customize and update bootstrap theme. It would be great if this can be added so it is ready out of the box to update the theme. And also when will you add the latest bootstrap version, that wasn’t in the latest update.

Could you add a easy integration for ajax into the wordpress part, so that it is easier to create a wordpress theme based on ajax. For instance open links with ajax and add load more snippet to load more posts. That I think would make the Wordpress theme creator much better and more fun to use for Wordpress.

For the Ajax thing, maybe you would find some use for the intercooler.js library. It has an unofficial plugin for Wordpress (which actually just enqueues the library). It basically allows you to write ajax calls as shortcuts directly in your markup. I figured that this is the next best thing apart from a full integration of ajax calls in Pinegrow.

Here are the links:


Apparently the people behind intercooler released a new product called HTMX. Which is built on the same principles as Intercooler (and as such can be considered to be “intercooler.js 2.0”. Just an FYI.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have a look. But hopefully Pinegrow will integrate ajax, so one can use the core ajax without using other plugins.

Hi @grimur,
I’ve been trying to envision what aspects of ajax you would like incorporated/automated with Pinegrow. It seems like each usage of Ajax is pretty custom. Can you provide some links or other outline?

Mainly to add the necessary settings to enable ajax navigation and ajax calls (enqueue scripts). Would be great to have like wordpress smart actions to have like wordpress smart ajax calls for instance load more posts in a grid by using ajax so it will happen without refreshing page, loading internal links via ajax instead of loading whole page.