Accents recognition

Please how to recognize Latin accents when importing a html file written in another program such as Adobe Dreamwaever???
All my accents such as à, é, õ, ç, û, î etc. are NOT recognized and are replaced bu strange symbols.


Hi @Flomenezes,
It sounds like some type of encoding problem. Do you know if your page encoding is set to UTF-8? In the code at the very top of the page just after the head tag it should look like:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html"; charset=UTF-8"/>


<meta charset="utf-8" >

Those two lines are equivalent.
If it isn’t there, try inserting it.
It is also possible that your pages are using some other encoding like “ISO-8859-1”, but I think you would have to have done that deliberately in Dreamweaver.
If inserting it doesn’t work, Dreamweaver might have saved your pages with the BOM embedded and Pinegrow might not understand it. Let me know about whether the above line is in your document, or if you add it and the encoding is still coming out wrong.

Dear Bob,
many thanks, and already answering the email received also from the Support (transcribed below).

Now it works, after your tip! I inserted the like as you told me to do and all accents are recognized even if I type them directly inside the layout view!

I will certainly provide a license of the software, also because of the professional support I had in this very first contact.

Thank you very much!


@Flomenezes Glad I could help!

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