Problems with umlaute (Ä, Ö, Ü etc.)


So far I have used dreamweaver, recently the pinegrow editor. Now I have umlauts in my html pages (for example, Ä, Ü, etc.), which are displayed incorrectly after input. Do I have to pay attention? In Dreamweaver, I could type the umlauts, and they were written correctly in the source code.

Kind regards from Germany

Hello @florian, could you give some example code where it does not work? and explain what is incorrect with the display?

Hello Ian,

I will post the Code in a few days.

I‘m in Holiday :slight_smile:

Thank you for help.

Kind regards


Hi @florian I’ve tried it on my set up and it works fine (screenshots attached in PG and browser). Have you checked the encoding of the pages (utf-8 seems to work fine)



Perhaps time to join this discussion:

Let me say it that way: As long as you set the correct charset (as @Rob already mentioned) and as long as you type the words natively within PG - there should be no issue at all.

I made a pretty strange experience though which is NOT exclusively PG when it comes to “copying text from files”. There I had problems with the Umlaut “Ü”. As a safety-precaution, I always try to remember “the paste without formatting” key-combination which is Shift + Alt + CMD + v on a Mac. The interesting part is, that my copywriter is as well on Mac as me - and I never found any explanation for it.

Because of this, I preferably paste text within the TAG of the Element Code (rather direct into the workspace).



Hello Everybody,

I changed the line in the beginning of the html code to: “”. Now it works very fine. I switched a few days from dreamweaver to pinegrow. A very good choice.

Thank you everybody.

The html file was created by me in 2003 :grin:

Kind regards