Add more type values for <input> html properties


Making an input for users on mobile to insert a phone number, you want them to have a keyboard with only numbers, and you get that if you set the value “tel” to its property type. I had to it by myself in the html code as the value wasn’t available in the dropdown menu :

Maybe pinegrow should add more values like “tel” or “email”, “url”, “number”, “date”, “datetime”, “month” as it seems those values have become standard ?

Hi @AnonymeForLiberty,
Huh, this is odd. What version of Pinegrow are you using? This is what I get on the latest version of Pinegrow:

There is actually also a “hidden” below the “submit”. Any other plugins loaded? If you restart does the list fill in?


Indeed, sorry about that, I have all the values available when I start a new project, and also on the current project after restarting the IDE. I have the last version, 6.21 - PRO Personal + Interactions + Tailwind.

That must have been a temporary bug.