Disable auto px units

I am working a lot with relative units like %, rem and em and it annoys me that if you enter a value, Pinegrow automatically adds px. So you have to click in the field again, select and remove the whole value and enter the desired value + unit again. You can imagine how many extra clicks this workaround creates…

The only alternative I have found is to avoid the panel at all and use the code editor.

Is it possible to deactivate this function completely or change the default behaviour? If not, having some kind of auto-detection when entering the value + unit would be awesome!


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I haven’t used Pinegrow in a while, but if I remember correctly you just type in the desired unit of measure when you enter a value.
Instead of typing 1 and hitting enter, type 1em (for example) and hit enter

@Plunky unfortunately, that doesn’t work. I don’t even get to enter the second digit before Pinegrow automatically adds the unit. Maybe this short screen recording shows it better:

I agree - that behaviour it’s pretty annoying…

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I’ve seen this behavior from time to time when I have VSCode launched and Pinegrow and VSC are stepping on each other. Usually, restarting Pinegrow fixes it. I haven’t been able to narrow down a way to reproduce it, unfortunately.

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Thanks @adamslowe I’ll give it a try. However, when I recoded the video, I think I did not have VS Code open.

I encounter this bug from time to time.

I think what you’re asking for is this bug of Pinegrow entering the value automatically after on its own accord, otherwise my question would be “what would you expect to happen if, for example, you typed 1, 0, 0, Enter? Because something needs to happen when you press enter. If changing the default unit is what you’re after then you’re still left with typing 1 and Pinegrow automatically inserting % or whatever you choose the value to be.

Have I got that right?

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Hi @fakesamgregory,

Thanks for asking. I see two issues here:

First of all, the annoying bug of only being able to insert one digit before Pinegrow auto-adds the unit.

Secondly my feature request: I don’t mind having px as the default unit. But what I am used to from other builders and what I was expecting from Pinegrow is that I can enter a value + unit and the editor automatically changes from px to whatever I enter. So for example:

  • 20 → adds 20px
  • 20rem → adds 20rem
  • rem → changes unit to rem

I agree this is exactly what I expect. There’s definitely a bug here.

I face the first bug on occasion but not the second unfortunately.


Hi guys,

After updating to Pinegrow v7.71 at least the annoying bug seems to be fixed! :slight_smile:


Yes! I was having the same issue periodically, but it seem to be resolved (hopefully for good).