Error : Tag must be paired for <input></input>

When I drag “Input” component to the drop down tree, it generates <input></input> html line. Is there a way to tell Pinegrow to generates <input /> instead?

Error: Tag must be paired, no start tag: [ ]

2020-05-25 12_58_55-C__pineGrowCss_All-the-way-css_index.html - Pinegrow Web Editor

Error: Tag must be paired, no start tag: [ ]

Maybe a Pinegrow bug?

This is how you use a input tag:
<input id="telefoon" name="telefoon" placeholder="Telefoonnummer" type="text">

Not all tags have a closing tag like: </div>

This is what I get when inserting a input in Pinegrow Bootstrap 4 exactly how it should be:
<input type="text" class="form-control" placeholder="Placeholder text">

With Pinegrow blank index.html, when I drag the input component to the tree or insert, it automatically include the </input> closing tag. Seem like a bug to me. The only way I know is to edit the index.html file directly to get rid of the error by deleting the closing tag.

I love Pinegrow. It speeds up my learning on html and css.

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i’m using PG pro on a pc and when i insert a form input object all i get is <input>

do you have the latest version?

Yes. Mine is on windows 10 PC with the latest 5.96.

Thanks @xayaraj, this will be fixed in the next update.