Adding charts to my project

Hello I am new to Pinegrow I am looking to add charts to my project something like ApexCharts or any charts that Pinegrow might have it self can anyone please tell me how i can go about doing this ? for ApexCharts there’s apexcharts dependency with (( npm install apexcharts ))
but i don’t know how to install or even if it can be install. any advise will help thanks.


If you want to use Apex, the easiest way is to use the CDN. Just include it as a script in your HTML file. Then, create a JavaScript file with your chart code and add it to your HTML file. Lastly, you’ll need to tell the JS where to show the chart in your HTML, which if you follow the examples will be a div with the id #chart.

They also have a nice Codepen that illustrates the process.

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Thank you very much for your reply I will try this can i ask is this not an option in Pinegrow or do i have to use a 3rd party

Pinegrow is an HTML/CSS editor more than anything. While they have some add-ons like Interactions (GSAP), Tailwind, and WordPress, to provide extra developer functionality, they stay away from providing stuff like charts, design sets, and components.

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…which means that you are not limited with the functionality provided by Pinegrow and can use anything that is supported by HTML/CSS/JS.


Thank you for your reply that’s all my questions :slight_smile:

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