Adding comment to HTML/CSS in PG?

Does Pg offer a commenting HTML/CSS visual tool?
Thanks, don’t want to fire VS for this.

That is exactly what I was thinking, unfortunately. We should be able to do that… see our changes live, in fact I’m quite sure of it.

In the hook-up of PG to Atom or VSC, what happens is you put that link directly into a browser?

It usually takes the form of: http://192.168.1.nnn:40000?

you can certainely EDIT comments in CSS via the visual editor in PG.

introducing an NEW comment requries a bit of trickery to fool the editor into thinking you are entering a new rule

just type in somethting it recognizes as legitimate (like *), and hit retrun to enter it as a new CSS rule… then you can comment it out and change it to whatever comment you would like to make.