Separate code editor for CSS/SCSS

It would be cool to have a separate code editor that’s dedicated to css/sass editing, so it could be visible at the same time as editing the html code.

If you are doing that much direct code editing, why not use VSC or Atom? They can be open along with your other Pinegrow windows. Alternatively, you can have multiple code windows open and each will have a tab that you can cycle through.


Hi, thanks for the reply,

The main reason is that I like to take advantage of the “reveal in code” feature in PG - it takes me right to what I need to edit directly and saves time. I also did try the VS Code integration and found it buggy and unreliable.

Do you mean I can have multiple code windows open within PG?

You can have code open for multiple different HTML files and CSS files, but not multiple windows for each. THe only unfortunate thing is that the different code windows are tabbed together, so you can’t look at them side-by-side.

if you have the PG plugin for VSC, it will highlight the html when you select it in PG…

if i remember there were a couple of defaults in VSC that i needed to change to get the behavior i was looking for.

something about update on window focus vs mouse click, i think.

A version of this request has been requested many times. The fastest solution would be to have code highlighting in ATOM and VSC. That way you can have your external editor open to your SCSS and the “show in code editor” feature would highlight it in Atom. This would address your feature request.

I could live with that if the file was opened in VSC automatically, if not open already, and then the relevant code was highlighted. I did ask the developers if they’re looking to make the external editor functionality any better (specifically for this feature) and they replied with a fairly definite “no” :disappointed: