Comment out Codeeditor

How can I comment out elements in Pinegrow Code Editor. I have already searched and activated everything. In the forum was also the CMD +/ but that does not work. I work on a MAC. Maybe someone here can give me a tip.

You mean HTML-Elememts? Not sure if i got it right, but if so then a comment in HTMl works like this:

<!-- I'm a comment -->

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. With VS Code I can quickly switch on and off with a key combination. But in Pinegrow this does not work. Here I have to write inconveniently the before and after. Emmet is activated.

Aaaaah now I got you! :wink:

Hmm to be honest I’m always using VSCode instead of the Pinegrow Editor. I think they both rely on the same codebase under the hood, but VSCode is of course a way more advanced tool in terms of integrations and plugins and so!
Is there any reason you are not using VSCode but the PG-Editor? There’s also a Pinegrow Plugin available in the VSCode Marketplace which syncs VSCode with the PG-Canvas!

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Thank you very much. Will try this.

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Definitely recommend the VSCode approach, it works really well with the Pinegrow extension.

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