How ti use @font-face

Hi. My english is very limited, sorry.
How to use @font-face in Pinegrow? Is there a tutorial?
Thanks to all of you.

Just open your custom.css (or whatever you’ve named your CSS files) and paste the @font-face rules into the file. Go to the styles panel, select your CSS file from the drop-down menu, and add your rules.

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Thank you for your quick support. I got what I needed. The name of the font does not appear in the visual editor menu and I had to manually enter the name of the font.

Yes, this is true, except for Google fonts added through Pinegrow UI, the names of the fonts that you have added will NOT appear in the list of available fonts and you will have to enter the names by hand.

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Thanks, Emmanuel. It would be good if this could be corrected.


Actually, this is not something to correct as this is not an issue but how the feature is currently implemented.

There are many parameters that we gather through the Google Font API and that we use to display the font name, weight, family and so on which are not (easily) reachable when you add a font face by hand.

I understand. Thanks for the support.