After page crash Blue Div appears next to every item in the page tree

After a large page crashed on me - lost all the content and just showed the master page code - I opened the page from the backup. It all seems ok other than I have Div (in blue) next to every item in the page tree. Against the page name at the top of the tree it says Div, Use master. It doesn’t seem to be impacting on the page but what is it and how do I get rid of it? None of my other pages show it.

Hi @teach

Thanks for your feedback.

Can you please:

  • Contact the customer support
  • In your mail, please describe the “large page crash” (what happened, please provide as much details as you can)
  • Also, please send us a copy of your HTML folder (project with all the resources) so we can have a look.

Note: Please, use Google Drive or Dropbox.