Master Pages bug

Good day,
I just notice a bug with the master page feature.

How to replicate it.

  • Create a new project in PG
  • Make a html the master page,
  • update the whole project ctrl+shift+u
  • Create two new pages with your master
  • save them
  • and try and load the two pages and you will notice that the last loaded viewport wont render the html

Please kindly review this issue.

In your video there is already a file open named “PAGE02.html”. Not sure where this file is located, but seems to be oddly blank. I think when you click to open the “page02.html” Pinegrow is opening “PAGE02.html” instead. Can you confirm where this file is located? Is it in the same project folder? What content does it contain?

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Please try and replicate it and see if it happens at you end

I have tried to repeat without success - the second page renders fine. I’m on Mac 10.14.6 - maybe partially a Win10 thing? Mac OS is case insensitive, I believe Win10 is case sensitive. Again, where is the “PAGE02.html” file that you have open in the left tab of the Page View in the video?

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it looks as tho if you have a blank page with the same name (case insensitive) already in memory and you close out the viewports in the order shown so that the last one closed is the errant version of the name, then PG seems to remember the errant page rather than the intended page.

an edge case to be sure, but have you tried duplicating this memory management particular scenario?

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Thanks for the memory management concept. I that to clear my user data folder for pinegrow and it work like a charm. :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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