Allow for a default folder for "open project"

My system has C and D drives (C is a SSD) so all the normal ways to finding and opening a folder seem to take longer. Starting at “This PC” makes it very tedious to get to my project (or file). I keep all my website folders together (D::/VHOSTS) so if I could start there every time I need to open something, it would save me a lot of frustration!

Thanks for considering this!

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Doesn’t Open Project remember the location of the last opened project?

No, while it remembers “recent projects”, both the “open project” on the opening page and the one under “file” open a “browse for folder” dialog which starts at “This PC”. Even after opening a project from recent projects and closing it (which should give PG a pretty good clue!) it starts there.So if it’s not a recent project, you’re stuck.

If I could manage recent projects better,it might be OK, but it gets so cluttered, every now and then I just clear them all.

Yes, just seconding this request. If I select “Open File” It always goes to the System Root DIrectory. so it always takes a while to get to where I want. It would be nice if you could, say, set a Start up Directory, ie your Local web dev environments public_html directory. or maybe a settings thing where you could say set root directories, for images/scripts/code/whatever :slight_smile:
So, maybe *Open: Other

sort of thing, where you had set each one to a more relevant directory in settings before hand. that way, if you didnt have the project saved recently, or, had just opened a page from the Internet and saved it etc it would be much closer to hand. Maybe Saving could work something along these lines too? Handy if your not doing a full blown project.
Just some ideas. and, Happy Xmas :slight_smile:

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I also would like to see this improvement