Remember last settings on startup

Please add an option that allows to open the recently opened pages at the start of the program.
The files should already open at startup.

I have changed the headline oft this feature request, because I realized that I would like to save even more settings.

When I start PG, I always do same steps at the beginning:

  • open last project
  • open last edited file in PRJ Pane
  • resize DOM tree pane (that all the tags are to be seen)
  • click on an element in page
  • open CSS pane and check “active” (who needs all styles?)
  • activate “boostrap.css” (i want to see all propertys )

These steps I would like to save me :slight_smile:
For the DOM tree pane i have set a greater width in my custom.css, but the preferred width can be different in each project.