We can't rename projects yet, can we?

Would be nice to be able to do this since I have all my projects inside folders called ‘web’

it’s just a folder on your computer… change the name using the operating system.

the shortcut to the project on the opening screen of PG won’t work any more, but just navigate to the renamed folder and everything should still be there.

after that the new project name will appear on the opening screen.

you mean you want to be able to rename from a right click menu in the project panel?

i would like to be able to sort that list as well.

I already have my projects setup like:

Project 1 Name
> source
> web
Project 2 Name
> source
> web


This works yes, and project short cut broken. But you also left one thing out, if you wanna go back to that project name because you changed your mind, or you started a new project with that name instead. You won’t be able to… Shoots an error.

i just renamed a project of mine and opened it in PG (for the first time under that name) and it created a shortcut.

then i went back out and changed the name back to the original and everything was fine the next time i started PG.

maybe only do this when PG is not running… not sure what would happen if you changed while the program was running.

perhaps a “reload project” would let you continue, i don’t know… best thing is to do it when PG is not running.

Now the selected project folder/directory name is used for the “project name”. It would be really nice to be able to overrule and change the “project name” in Pinegrow, and choose/change a “project name” without having to change or affect the folder name. Like @jcamachott suggested. So +1 from the Green Duck!

I’m new to Pinegrow and liking it a lot. But already see that a project assuming the name of it’s parent folder is a limitation.

My folder structure is similar that mentioned by @jcamachott and I’m pretty sure this will be similar for other professionals that work on multiple projects.

I expect this is an addition a project’s yaml file and not a big job to implement.

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I think I’m a little confused here. How can you have multiple folders with the same name in your OS? They would each have a unique parent folder, correct? Why not use that?

Did you see the structure I use? It would not make sense to use the parent folder as the root folder.

Renaming a project should not be hard to do

I did see the structure - why not use “Project 1 Name” as the project folder? The project folder you designate in Pinegrow has no impact on the workings of Pinegrow or what you end up loading onto the live server. It is just internal, like your current folder system.

No, Rob. Pinegrow will start putting css and bootstrap folders into the project folder. I don’t want to end up like this:

Project Name
-> source
-> web
-> css
-> bootstrap

Pinegrow treats the project folder as the root folder of the site, not so?

@RobM . Yes what you say is easy enough to do. But many situations including those which involve version control will require that the folder structure matches the production environment.

So I totally agree with @camachott and in my case the folder structure may contain files which must be outside the web root, as below.

Project 1 Name
> private
> public_html
Project 2 Name
> private
> public_html

In this scenario, every Pinegrow project is called public_html

Like I said, I am new around here.

Is this just a regular support forum or is there a formal route for submitting a feature request?

You can tag a post as “Feature Request”. You could write to support - support@pinegrow.com

Would this work for the time being? I created a set of folders on my computer

Project 1 Name

Started Pinegrow and opened “Project 1 Name” as a project. Then I right-clicked on the “public_html” folder and selected “Add new page …”. Then I picked a Bootstrap 4 page from the modal. I ended up with the following structure.

So you can see that it does add the “pinegrow.json” file and “_pgbackup” folder outside of the “public_html” folder at the root. I’m not sure if you include these in your versioning?

That’s a great workaround Bob. Thank you for the tip.

I remember trying that maybe several months ago and it created folders in the root but I will try it again.

You have to make sure you have the right folder selected when you right-click