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An online course provider -Devlsopes! I wondered what happened


Ok, well after the recent exploration of courses, - which I enjoyed, but couldn’t help but notice that a lot of the courses with regards us and web stuff was about 3-5 years old -ie, prior to the introduction t some of our latest, funky technologies, I decided to sort through the courses I had enrolled on, free. purchased, parts of bundles I had bought etc.

OMG…I have sooooo many!

Am I alone in thinking that by OWNING the CONTENT…I’ve absorbed the knowledge? _Osmosis?

WEll… it would appear,to not be so! Evidently…
But then I was checking through my coursework where I had tried and came across course… On Web development
But I’m damned if I could log in or indeed remember much about it…so Ive been hunting and came across this

in particular, This particular post - Is DevSlopes dead?

Oh! I thought.
Well that is a pretty honest reply…and probably why I cant find any link to my course content from some time ago. Although I do remember thinking the instructors approach was a bit .random, you know
*hey! yeah, we are gonna build this cool thing and *…blah blah.

So, this has made me think about getting my mojo on with some of these other courses…before the other providers also go belly up.

Has anyone else had course provider collapse?

And what do you guys think of the whole you can do it ! Via online courses approach?

Bearing in mind that only about 5 people ever respond on here, out of a user base of …probably quite a few more!

Success stories anyone?